JS Black & Webster Electropunch

Black & Webster Presses

Ideal for Machine Tool Builders.

The Black & Webster Model JS Electropunch is a fully electric operated unit ideal for light taps to heavy impacts. These units deliver an instantaneous impact which can be adjusted using the Power Pak Controller to regulate the impact force. This unit comes standard with flange mount holes in its casting so the unit can be mounted in any position making it easy to integrate into an assembly system.

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Model JS Electropunch Impact Hammer


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Available Options


  • Impact In LBS: 55
  • Impact Force LBS STD: 3500
  • Impact Force LBS Power Pak Option: 8000
  • Stroke: 1.75"
  • Spindle to Base: Min N/A Max N/A
  • Throat Depth: N/A
  • .500/.502 X 1.00
  • Tool Weight: 1 Lbs.
  • Machine Weight: 20