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About Air-Hydraulics

Air-Hydraulics, Inc.

Air-Hydraulics, Inc. was incorporated in 1945 and was founded by a group of four local industrialists and machine tool designers in Jackson, MI. Since that time it has been serving the assembly, metal joining and metalworking markets with quality built presses, index tables, impact hammers and special machinery. Their commerce objective is to offer their customer, a solution to their assembly and/or forming needs by working with them as a partner. The customer’s project will be researched by Air-Hydraulics design and application engineers to offer the customer an affordable solution to their custom design assembly machine applications.

Air-Hydraulics, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Michigan and is a wholly owned subsidiary of AHP, Inc. In October of 2008 Trinity Holding Co., a Jackson, Michigan based company, purchased AHP, Inc. along with it’s subsidiary; Air-Hydraulics, Inc. Trinity Holding Company is a privately and closely held corporation. Both Trinity Holding Company and Air-Hydraulics, Inc. have ownership interest and affiliations with other local industrial machine tool builders, industrial machinery sales and repair service facilities, machinery erection and millwright services, and industrial warehousing and distribution, along with other manufacturing concerns, through some of its major shareholders and directors. This affiliation creates a synergy of talent and resources for Air-Hydraulics, to draw upon, if required to, achieving the highest customer satisfaction level and service.

Air-Hydraulics, Inc. purchased the Black & Webster Assembly Equipment Division in 1990. This product line addition provides a wider product offering of air presses and impact tools designed for assembly operations to its customers.

The scope of their ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Registration is as follows:

  • Air-Hydraulics quality policy is to deliver quality products, on time, to achieve customer satisfaction. Air-Hydraulics uses a process approach to achieve this policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and is committed to continually improve at this process.

The people of Air-Hydraulics, Inc. are among the finest craftsmen and professionals. They strive for quality workmanship and stand behind their product with pride, as evidenced in their quality policy and objectives, their many years of business, over 70 years, and the many thousands of machines out in the market place throughout the world.

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