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20 Ton Impact Hammer

The Z-6 Impact Hammer has numerous advantages over larger, heavier and more expensive mechanical presses, which are used to perform the same tasks. 

The impact hammer's function is opposite to that of the mechanical press because the stroke is constant. Impact pressure may be adjusted precisely up to the press' capacity. The pressure then remains the same at any point along the stroke so failures due to variation in stock thickness, or to improper positioning are eliminated.

The Z-Series Impact Hammer comes complete with Non-tie down dual actuators, F-R-L Unit, and an exclusively designed pneumatic valve. All components are assembled and mounted complete.

Applications: Light Stamping, Forging, Trimming, Molding, Crimping, Coining, Riveting, Staking, Forming

Z-Series Information

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Z-Series Impact Hammer Model Comparison


Description Z-2 Impact Hammer Z-6 Impact Hammer
Max. Impact In Tons With 100 PSI Air 6 20
Cylinder I.D. 3.50" 6"
Ram Diameter 1.50" 2.25"
Constant Stroke (For Max. Impact) 3" 4"
Overall Stroke 4" 5"
Open Height (Platen to Ram Extended for Max. Impact) 5" 11"
Throat Size (Center of Ram to Column) 6.78" 8"
Platen Area 10" x 8.75" 11" x 8"
Air Cushion at Bottom of Stroke After Max. Impact Yes Yes
Strokes per Cu. Ft. of 100 PSI Air 50 15
Strokes per Minute 60 60
Connecting Pipe Size .375" .500"
Shipping Weight in lbs. 210 lbs. 800 lbs.
Hole Size in End of Ram .562" x 1.50" .875" x 1.75"
Cubic Inch of Air per Cycle 29.096 111.01
Lift at End of Ram with 100 PSI Air 137 lbs. 369 lbs.