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JS Black & Webster Electropunch

The Model JS Electropunch is popular for machine tool builders that are looking for an impact punch that is easily adaptable into an assembly system due to the flange style mounting design. The optional Cincinnati version includes an externally mounted limit switch and is well known for its design into Cincinnati Grinding Machines

This compact electric impact punch delivers an instantaneous blow which can be adjusted using either the Power Pak Controller or Impact Controller for impact forces ranging up to 8000 lbs.

The Model JS comes standard with tooling holding clamp for easily mounting tooling to the non-rotation spindle and a flange mounting design so the unit can be mounted in any position into an assembly system.

Applications: Staking, Riveting, Swaging, Crimping, Part Marking

Black & Webster Electropunch Information

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Black & Webster Electropunch Model Comparison


Description Model C Model FJS Model BS Model SMS Model JS
Impact in Lbs. 234 55 55 55 55
Impact Force Lbs. Standard N/A  8000 3500 3500 3500
Impact Force Lbs. Power Pak Option 15000  8000 8000 8000 8000
Stroke 2"  1.75" 1.75" 1.75" 1.75"
Spindle to Base Min 3.00", Max 10.50"  Min. 5.00", Max. 5.00" Min. 0.00", Max. 11.50" Min. 0.00", Max 11.50" Min. N/A, Max. N/A
Throat Depth 4.50" 4.00" 4.00" 4.00" N/A
Tool Weight 7 Lbs. 1 Lbs. 1 Lbs. 1 Lbs. 1 Lbs.
Machine Weight 90 Lbs. 50 Lbs. 50 Lbs. 50 Lbs. 20 Lbs.