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Air Over Hydraulic Intensifiers

Air-Hydraulics also offers a line of air over hydraulic intensifying cylinders which are an excellent choice for system and machine tool integrators. These cylinders present a cleaner and more resourceful means of power for assembly machine design with less restriction on design standards versus standard hydraulic cylinders.

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Hydraulic Intensifier Unit

AH-Series Hi/Lo Air over Oil Cylinder (Hydra-Pneumatic Press)

  • 4 Tons to 50 Tons of Hydraulic Force
  • More Cost Efficient Alternative to Full Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Utilizes Shop Air as a Clean and more Energy Efficient Power Source
  • Features a Quick Approach Stroke with a Self-Contained Hydraulic Intensified Power Stroke
  • 6" Overall Stroke optional strokes available
  • Two-Hand Non-Tie Down Control Actuators

Applications: Riveting, Crimping, Punching, Swaging, Trimming, Marking or Character Stamping, Assembly, Notching, Joining, Forming, and Fastening
Models: 4 Tons, 8 Tons, 10 Tons, 15 Tons, 20 Tons, 30 Tons, 50 Tons

B-Series Booster and Cylinder Package

  • 2.5 Tons to 15 Tons of Hydraulic Force
  • Utilizes Shop Air as a Clean and more Energy Efficient Power Source
  • Less Design Restrictions versus Hydraulic Cylinder Design Standards
  • 4.0"/5.1875"/6.0" Overall Strokes with Full Length Hydraulic Pressure and 2.0" Adjustable Downstop. (Optional strokes available, please consult factory)
  • Ram Cylinder: Front Top Flange Mount / Booster: Vertical with Mounting Bracket
  • Control Options: F-R-L Assembly Package, please consult factory requirements and specifications

Applications: Assembly, Bearing Insertion, Pressing, Insertion, Riveting, Punching, Marking, Staking, Crimping, Forming, Swaging
Models: B-250, B-300, B-400, B-500