AH-Series Hydra-Pneumatic Presses

Air Over Oil Press Animation

Hilo Press Animation
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AH-Series Hydra-Pneumatic Presses, or sometime referred to as “air over oil” presses, are an alternative solution to conventional hydraulics presses by providing a cleaner, quieter, and more cost effective solution to wide variety of pressing and forming applications. These units provide a rapid low force approach stroke with a self-contained hydraulic intensified power stroke all in one complete package.


1   Actuating valve 1 pressurizes port 1, causing the float piston to move, transferring oil from the oil chamber onto the work piston at air pressure. The work rod extends at low pressure.

2   When the work is met, valve 2 is actuated, pressurizing port 2. This causes the booster piston and rod to extend, intensifying the pressure on the work piston, creating a high force.

3 – 3A   Upon completion of the work, both valves are reversed, pressurizing ports 3 and 3A, retracting the cylinder to it’s start position

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