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The Best New Technology for Factory Presses

Factory presses are critical for manufacturing a wide array of products that we rely on every day, from consumer appliances like washing machines to heavy-duty mining equipment, and nearly everything in between. Technological advancements in press technology have made it possible to make even more complex presses, which are capable of performing even more complicated

6 Steps Toward Greener Manufacturing and Assembly You Can Take Today

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are sweeping the manufacturing industry as consumers scrutinize products they purchase more heavily, seeking environmental responsibility behind their production. Industry 4.0 has efficiency and sustainability at its core. Manufacturers that make greener, more sustainable choices now position themselves to stay competitive in the future. But how can you make your manufacturing or

When to Choose a Servo Press for Your Production

A Servo Press is a system that uses a linear actuator controlled by an AC or DC servo motor to deliver linear motion, similar to a press cylinder. Servo presses utilize ball or roller screws to offer precise control over speed, position, and force. Though a servo press isn’t necessary for all applications, it can

7 Problems Force and Distance Monitoring Can Solve

Now more than ever, access to data provides the ability for process improvement and fine tuning performance for quality assurance. Without the right data, it’s difficult to identify or fully understand a problem, and even harder to solve it. The right tools can give you the information you need to take a closer look at

Is Your Factory Press Outdated?

Factory presses are critical across a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations. For many operations, it’s tempting to keep your press working for as long as it can. However, if your factory press is outdated, it might be running slower and less efficiently than your competitors. That means leaving money on the table. If

How to Make Your Pneumatic Press System More Efficient

Efficiency has become increasingly important across shops and factories of all sizes. Equipment with maximum efficiency not only decreases total costs of ownership, but also helps your facility reduce total energy costs. Unfortunately, many equipment manufacturers do not design with efficiency in mind. In this blog post, we’ll focus specifically on how to make your ...

The Perfect Alternative to a 10-Ton Hydraulic Press

A 10-ton hydraulic press is one of the most common types of presses on the market, but it’s also one of the more expensive and demanding presses in terms of upkeep and energy use. Many shops and factories would like a less demanding alternative, but aren’t sure where to look or how to find one,

The History of Factory Presses: Where It Started and Where It’s Going

Factory presses are essential technology that changed manufacturing and assembly in significant ways. Many of the items we use and rely on every day, from cars to home appliances to agricultural equipment and much more, have parts made from factory press processes. But how did this start? How was the first press used and invented? ...

Tips to Prepare Your Workers for Automation

Over the years, we have seen companies integrate automations into their operations with highly positive effects on workers, contributing to increased worker safety, productivity and overall job satisfaction. However, many workers are still understandably nervous about being replaced by automation. As automation technology expands, it’s reasonable to expect some pushback from employees when looking to