Case Studies

Air-Hydraulics has created many customized machines for our customers needs. Our line of Hydraulic Presses, Air-Hydraulics Presses, and Air Presses can be easily modified to meet your form, fit, and control function requirements, or integrated into a full turnkey Press Automation System. Our design and application engineering will work with you to offer you, our customer, an affordable solution to your assembly and/or forming needs.

10-Ton Hydraulic Press with Special Electric Dual Opto-Touch Control Package

Issue: Ability to control the pressing force in the first operation of the fastener assembly and then control pressing distance on the final operation of the fastener assembly.
Resolution: Outfit the press with a special Electric Dual Opto-Touch Control Package, Jog Control Circuit and Selectable Pressure/Distance Ram Return alongside a Custom Designed Guarding & Light Curtain Package

Custom Designed 2.5 Ton C-250 Air Over Oil Press

Issue: Provide a more efficient solution for the installation of metal encased seals into light truck wheel hub assemblies
Resolution: A 2.5 ton air over oil press with an end of ram gas spring pressing tool and more

5.5 Ton C-300 Air-Hydraulics Press with Guided Die Set for Mold Ejection

Issue: Provide a more efficient solution to eject the filtration elements from their mold cavity
Resolution: A custom design 5.5 ton air over oil press

15 Ton Force and Distance Monitoring Press for Automotive Assembly

Issue: To provide process monitoring and verify that each part assembly was pressed together
Resolution: 15 Ton AH-Series Air Over Oil Press outfit with Force & Distance Monitoring including Data Collection

2.5 Ton C-Series Air over Oil Assembly Press Designed with Custom Jog Circuit

Issue: The customer had a safety concern with their existing press and wanted a press with a two-hand control safety device
Resolution: This press was outfitted with a 3-position “Jog” circuit, which allows the operator the ability to stop the ram at any position in the downstroke by removing their hands from the finger switches

2.5 Ton Industrial Sheet Piercing Press

Issue: Automate processes to puncture sheet metal multiple times for each unique part
Resolution: The press was integrated with an adjustable digital cycle counter

An ALL-IN-ONE 10 Ton Press for Series of Operations

Issue: This press needed to be built and configured to perform 10 unique pressing operations
Resolution: The custom programmed Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows the operator to control each process digitally

Refurbished for Repurpose – 8 Older machines given new life in a new age!

Issue: Updating a whole set of machinery to bring operations up to speed with current standards and regulations
Resolution: Detailed cleaning and testing of all 8 machines, rebuilding of cylinders, new paint jobs, and installation of all new and updated controls

2.5 Ton Force & Distance Monitoring Press Configured for Error-Proof Assembly

Issue: It was of extreme importance that these pins were inserted perfectly at each step
Resolution: A Cognex Insight Vision Sensor was installed and programmed for automated error detection to ensure accuracy of the pin insertion process

Affordable Press Monitoring for Quality Control

Issue: Customer required a press with quality control monitoring within their allowed budget
Resolution: Air-Hydraulics provided an affordable press force monitoring package with three modes of operation

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