Industrial Press Applications

Presses are used in manufacturing industries to create, form or assemble a variety of products from different materials. The materials can be shaped, cut or formed from press machinery to create standalone products, or as parts that will be used in assembly processes. The majority of press applications in manufacturing are used in assembly settings.

Assembly Applications

Assembly is the final process in the line of design, engineering and manufacturing, in which pieces and parts are joined together in creation of a final product. There are many different types of industrial assembly processes within the automotive, aerospace, appliance, medical device and other product manufacturing industries that involve varying materials, applications and standards levels. In any industrial assembly operation, there is bound to be a joining application of some sort that will require press machinery. The majority of press applications fall under assembly to some degree, whether in joining or fastening, or the forming, stamping, trimming or notching of parts that will be assembled down the line. Using the right presses for applications within an assembly operation can vastly improve efficiencies, safety of workers on the floor, and ensure accuracy standards are met and reported with each application.

Safe and Easy Factory Assembly

Industrial assembly with presses is an easy, safe, and often more economical alternative to methods like soldering, welding, or manual assembly. The right press assembly process and the right press can also help to make a stronger and more durable connection that is resistant to stress cracks and temperature changes. Powered presses, as opposed to manual presses or arbor presses, increase speed, productivity and control, and can eliminate the stress put on workers conducting manual assembly. Powered presses also accomplish high force jobs that cannot be performed by hand or with a manual press and come in varying sizes and force limits to perform a wide range of joining applications for assembly.

Joining Applications for Industrial Assembly

Presses can be used for both assembly and disassembly when needed. If there is a process where two items need to be removed with a certain level of force, a press can dislodge an item cleanly, with adequate force and tooling. Many industries rely on press disassembly for maintenance, reconfiguration or other purposes, like the automotive industry for used parts, recycling plants, refurbish sites, life sciences and more. Often, the same presses used to assemble a similar part can be set up with different tooling that will perform a disassembly function and separate two pieces or parts that had been joined.

See how this 5.5 Ton C-300 Hydropneumatic Press was designed for separation in the life sciences industry.

Air Hydraulics

End Product or Pre-Assembly Applications

Presses can also play a large role in creating the pieces that will need to be assembled / joined together.

Industrial Applications with Factory Presses

Finding the right press for your industrial operation means finding the right balance of force, speed, and overall design. With a wide variety of factory presses using different levels of force and showing varying configurations and sizes, Air Hydraulics Inc can help you find or create the perfect press for your industrial operation.

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