2.5 Ton to 15 Ton Air Over Oil Presses

These air-hydraulic presses come in four sizes ranging from 2.5 ton to 15 ton capacity. Standard features include a full length power stroke, 2.0″ adjustable downstop, and an anti-rotation ram guide. The heavy duty C-frame units can be mounted on a floor stand or a bench top machine base. They also have an adjustable force regulator and speed control regulator.

Our C-Series Air-Hydraulics Press is a more cost effective and energy efficient alternative to a full hydraulic press.


C-Series Air-Hydraulics Press Operation & Advantages

Press Operation Sequence

When the valve is energized, air enters the booster cylinder extending the booster ram. This transfers the oil into the ram cylinder, extending the cylinder rod down. Unlike other brands, hydraulic pressure is maintained throughout the entire stroke, not just a limited part of the stroke. When the valve is de-energized, the ram retracts to full home position.

Hydraulic Press Animation
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Key Advantages Over Full Hydraulic

  • Fewer moving parts
  • Lower maintenance with less downtime
  • Less noise and heat produced
  • Less expensive than full hydraulic presses
  • No Motors or Large Oil Reservoirs

C-Series Press Information & Options

Standard Features

  • No Hydraulic Power Unit or Electric Motor Needed
  • Full Length Hydraulic Controlled Power Stroke
  • 2.0″ Adjustable Down-stop (Stroke Adjustment)
  • Anti-Rotation Ram Guide
  • Heavy Duty Steel Welded C-Frame Construction
  • Platen Cut-Out for Fixture and Part Accessibility

Standard Add-ons

  • Matching Floor Stands
  • Two-Hand Non-Tie Down Control Packages
  • Pressure / Dwell / Distance Return Options
  • Jog Control Circuit
  • Fault Circuit Control Package (E-FI)
  • Increased Stroke Lengths
  • Press Frame Modifications
  • TQM-700 Digital Force Indicator
  • Separate / Additional Cylinders

C-Series Air-Hydraulic Press Model Comparison

Description Model C-250 Model C-300 Model C-400 Model C-500
Tons at 100 psi Air 2.5 5.5 10 15
Power Ratio (No. x air line psi = Approx. Force) 50 110 200 300
Max. Ram Stroke (adjustable 2″ shorter) 5.187″ 6″ 4″ 6″
Cubic in. of Pressurized Air Per Full Stroke Cycle 577 1562 1865 4521
Air Cyl. Port Pipe Size – 4 Way Control Valve .50″ .75″ .75″ 1″
Return Force @ 100 psi 628 1080 1080 2003
Daylight Opening 12″ 14.43″ 14.43″ 14″
Throat Depth 6.25″ 6.25″ 6.25″ 8.25″
Booster Cylinder
Inside Diameter 6″ 8″ 8″ 12″
Rod Diameter 2.125″ 2.50″ 1.875″ 3.25″
Stroke 10.25″ 15.625″ 18.50″  20.1875″
Ram Cylinder
Inside Diameter 3″ 4″ 4″ 5.75″
Top Rod Diameter 0.750″ 1.000″ 1.000″ 1.250″
Bottom Rod Diameter 1.000″ 1.500″ 1.500″ 2.750″
Net Weight 350 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 800 lbs.

Air-Hydraulics Press Custom Modifications

  • Light Curtains & Guarding Packages
  • PLC Control Options
  • 2-Post and 4-Post Designs
  • Load Cell & Distance Monitoring Packages [See Sig-Press]
  • Custom Tooling and Fixture Packages
  • 24vDC Control Circuits
  • Emergency Stop Circuit
  • Linear Position Transducer
  • Selectable Modes of Operation
  • Control Systems Designed for Future Expansion
  • And more.

C-Series Air-Hydraulics Press Photos

What custom modifications are best for your press equipment?

This free guide goes through key equipment modifications and which ones are best when you’re looking for optimal performance, efficiency and productivity for your operation.

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C-Series Videos

C-Series Overview

Model C-250

Model C-400

C-Series CAD Drawings

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