Broaching with Factory Presses

Broach Presses

Broaching is a powerful process for efficiently cutting and shaping flat surfaces and holes in a wide variety of components. The broaching tool uses a series of sharp teeth, with slight raises between each tooth, to make particular cuts in a workpiece. Broaches are extremely useful for cutting circular holes, asymmetric holes, contours, and flat surfaces alike. From high-production environments to individual, customized pieces, broaching presses are useful for a wide variety of applications. If you’re seeking a particular press for your broaching process, we can help you find it. Contact us to learn more about presses for your broaching applications.

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Hyropneumatic Broaching Presses

Presses designed for broaching applications allow operators to make exact cuts, contours, holes, and hollows with great speed and accuracy. Whether you are working with internal broaching or surface broach techniques, we can help you find a press that works best with your materials and production needs. Different types of presses, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and hydropneumatic presses, can help make your broaching job faster, easier, and more accurate. With the right tools and equipment, you’ll not only be able to increase production, but also create a safer environment. Presses for broaching can help to reduce worker fatigue, decrease errors, and simplify some complex broaching processes.

Types of Broaching

Broaching is a highly versatile process with a wide range of capability. Internal broaching is used for making hollows and holes in workpieces, such as key slots. Surface broaching can be used for cutting flat surfaces or contours, creating simple or complex pieces. Broaching is essential for shaping many different types of components, and makes it possible to manufacture complex parts faster than with other milling techniques. The following is a summary of a few different types of broaching, though there are a wide variety of different methods. Our presses can complete many different broaching processes, with various models and customizations to maximize the process’s efficiency and easy use.

Surface Broaches

Surface broaches shape the outside of a workpiece to create particular shapes or features. Types of surface broaches include slot broaches, contour broaches, slab broaches, pot broaches, and straddle broaches. Each of these is designed for specific purposes, and may shape one surface or multiple surfaces at one time.

The variety of surface broaches allows shops and factories to easily find the right fit, even for relatively complicated requirements. Some surface broaches are designed to work with very tough materials, while others are specialized for delicate, precision work. Other surface broaches and surface broach presses are designed to accomplish multiple jobs at one time and speed up production, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Surface Broaches

Internal Broaching

Internal broaches cut and shape hollow spaces into a workpiece. A keyway broach is one type of internal broach, which is used for cutting unique spaces for keys. Other types of internal broaches include solid, shell, modular, and concentricity broaches. These different types of internal broaches are used for cutting different types of hollow spaces and working with different materials and components. Some are specially designed to work with thin workpieces without damaging them, others are designed for more demanding jobs, and others are designed for accuracy and precision. Internal broaching presses may vary in their design and features, so operators can accomplish the task with maximum efficiency and comfort, or allow for automation.

Internal Broaches

Air Hydraulics Presses for Broaching:

Find the Right Broaching Press

If you’re interested in finding a broaching press for your factory or shop, we can help. Tell us about your process, requirements, and goals, and we can help you find a press with the right combination of speed, force, comfortability, and exceptional features. Whether you are looking for one broaching press to accomplish a critical task, or you are looking for a broaching press that can complete multiple tasks and move between them as needed, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our broaching presses.

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