Marking Applications with Press Machinery

Marking is a stamping application that uses a patterned die set to either press a design into metal so the finished edge is smooth with the character indented into the piece or emboss material so that it is raised up on the finished side. Using press machinery to mark a piece of metal (or some plastics) is a quick and efficient way to add characters or designs to material in a repeatable way, and is often used for part numbers, logos, or other visual elements that add significance to a finished product. Using press machinery for marking applications also allows for deeper impressions and works for harder materials that other marking methods may not be able to handle.

Marking Dies

Depending on what type of marking you are looking to apply to your products, a die can be custom designed, or numbers and letters can be combined and rearranged within a die set to create different words or part numbers in nearly infinite combinations. Die tooling is durable and can be used repeatedly over many separate runs and a press may be able to handle other applications with other die sets, making press marking easy to integrate into a line of operations relying on press machinery already.

Marking Die Set

Air Hydraulics Presses for Marking:

The Right Press Machinery for Marking

Pneumatic, hydropneumatic and hydraulic presses can all be used for marking and other stamping applications. The main considerations when determining the press you will need for your operation is force and the range of stamping applications you would like the machinery to handle. Depending on the material or materials you plan to work with and the greatest thickness your sheet or round will be, you will need a press that has enough force to mark or stamp the metal consistently. Once this has been determined, then it’s a matter of acquiring the proper tooling. If you have questions about which press would be best for your needs, our experts can help you select the perfect press equipment for your marking and stamping operations – contact us to chat about your project.

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