Factory Press Flaring

What is Flaring?

Flaring is an important metalworking process for fitting, manufacturing, and assembling many different products and components. In the flaring process, force is exerted on a secured, cylindrical component to widen the mouth of it. This is usually ideal for relatively soft metals, including some types of steel, as well as copper and aluminum. Flaring and swaging are very similar processes, though flaring is generally more subtle and creates more of a funnel shape, rather than a wider cylinder. Air Hydraulics Inc provides a wide array of hydraulic, pneumatic, and hydropneumatic presses to perform many different flaring operations.

Finding the Right Flaring Press

The right press for flaring processes provides the right amount of force, but also works with precision and control to flare the workpiece without damaging it. Since flaring is generally applied to softer metals, there is more risk that these pieces may crack or otherwise weaken. If you are seeking a hydraulic, pneumatic, or hydropneumatic press for flaring, Air Hydraulics Inc can help. We know how important it is for your press to work quickly, safely, and efficiently, but also accomplish the job with precision. The right press for flaring can save you significant time and energy, and also help improve production by reducing waste and product defects. Contact us today to learn more about any press and find the right fit for your flaring process.

Metal Flaring Processes with Press Machinery

Metal flaring is an important process in many different industries. There are many different types of metal flaring processes that help to create some of the components and products that we all rely on every day. Flaring processes are used in HVAC installation and manufacturing, automobile components, pipe fitting, and even heavy equipment like aeronautics. When it’s accomplished properly, metal flaring can make components fit together easily and create tight seals that maintain under even the toughest conditions.

Below are just a few common flaring processes and applications. Our presses can perform these and many other flaring jobs with great speed and accuracy.

Tube Flaring

Tube or pipe flaring is used in many different industries. Tube flaring creates a funnel shape at the end of the tube, without adding or removing any material. This process can help fit two pipes or tubes together without the need for welding or adhesive. Additional processes can then create strong seals between the two components and ensure the pieces fit together properly.

Tube Flaring

Double Flaring

Double flaring or inverse flaring is a common process used in automobile components, consumer appliances, air conditioning, as well as some heavy machinery and even airplanes. This process creates a funnel shape, as previously described, but then deforms the metal a second time to create a seal. These fittings tend to resist wear more effectively, preventing leaks.

Double Flaring

Other Metal Flaring Processes

Other Metal Flaring Processes

While most flaring processes can be completed with a simple, downward force and a die to create a funnel, there may be a case when production relies on rotational tools. In these cases, rotary flaring may be an option, as it uses rotational force. In this process, a rotary tool works in a circular motion to force the end of the tube against the sides of the die. It’s essential for the force to be evenly applied during this process to create a uniform flare.

*AHI does not provide rotary flaring machinery, but depending on your process, one of our presses may still fit your needs. Feel free to reach out if you are unsure and we can help direct you to the best press for your operation.

Rotary Flaring

Find an Efficient, Effective Flaring Press

Whether you are performing the same flaring operation many times a day, or you are working with a variety of different components and processes, we have a press that can help. Tell us more about your flaring processes, or other applications you require for your press. We can help you find a press with the right force, accuracy, and features to make the operation fast and easy.

Learn more about any of our presses online, or contact us to for more details. We are press experts and we can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective model for your needs.

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