1/2 Ton to 2.5 Ton Adjustable Air Presses

Accurate and reliable adjustable air presses for manufacturing production and assembly.

The A-Series Adjustable Air Press is a highly versatile bench top air press that comes complete with a full range cylinder head adjustment. This air press gives the ability for easy and accurate die set-ups by allowing proper shut height and cylinder stroke.

These Pneumatic Presses come in three sizes ranging from a half-ton (1200 lb.) to 2.5 ton (5000 lb.) capacity. Standard features include a full head cylinder adjustment, anti-rotation ram guide, precision honed & chromed cylinders, air cushions on both ends of the stroke, and a dual acting air cylinder.

A-Series Air Press Applications:

Press fit assembly, riveting, punching, marking, staking, crimping, forming, swaging, and more.

A-Series Air Press Information

A-Series Adjustable Air Press Model Comparison

Description Model 12-A Model 28-A Model 50-A
Force @ 100 psi Air 1/2 Ton (1200 Lb.) 1.5 Ton (2800 Lb.) 2.5 Ton (5000 Lb.)
Stroke (Note: adjustable with downstop option) 2.50″ 3.00″ 3.00″
Daylight (Adjustable) 0″ to 7.50″ 0″ to 10.0″ 0″ to 10.0″
Throat Depth 6.0″ 6.0″ 6.0″
Ram Diameter 0.88″ 1.00″ 1.00″
Ram Thread .50″-20 .50″-20 .50″-20
Cylinder Bore 4.0″ 6.0″ 8.0″
Cylinder Port (NPT) .375″ .500″ .500″
Weight 85 Lbs. 200 Lbs. 250 Lbs.

***Note: Some of the above specifications (stroke, daylight, and ram thread) can be designed to meet your application requirements. Please see the Standard Features & Options.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

    • Full Cylinder Head Adjustment
    • ½”-20 Threaded Cylinder Rod
    • Anti-Rotation Ram Guide
    • Precision Honed & Chromed Cylinder
    • Air Cushions on Both Ends of Stroke
    • Dual Acting Air Cylinder
    • Rugged Bench Top Design

Available Options

  • 2.0″ Adjustable Downstop (positive stroke adjustment
  • Additional Stroke Lengths
  • Additional Column Heights (increase daylight)
  • Riser Screw Adjustment with Keyway in Press Column
  • Two-Hand Non-Tie Down Control Packages
  • Pressure / Dwell / Distance Return Options
  • Jog Control Circuit
  • Fault Circuit Control Package (E-FI)
  • Machine Bases
  • Customer Specified Threaded Cylinder Rod

Custom Designed Options

  • Light Curtain & Guarding Packages
  • PLC Control Packages
  • Load Cell Monitoring Packages
  • 2-Post or 4-Post Designs
  • Custom Designed Control Package
  • Selectable Modes of Operation
  • Control Systems Designed for Future Expansion
  • Custom Tooling and Fixture Packages
  • Emergency Stop Control Circuit
  • 24vDC Control Circuit

Note: Our objective is to offer you a solution to your assembly and forming needs. If our standard features or available options do not meet your application requirements, please consult our factory to see about us offering an affordable solution to meet your design needs.

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A-Series Air Press Videos

Air Press with Adjustable Downstop

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