Impact Hammers

The Air-Hydraulics, Inc., Impact Hammer and the Black & Webster Electropunch offer an instantaneous impact which may be varied precisely up to the units capacity. These bench top models are ideal for light taps to heavy impacts and can be easily integrated into assembly systems. The Impact Hammer is fully pneumatic and has a constant stroke with a force range from 6 to 20 tons capacity. The Electropunch is an all electric operation with an impact force capacity of 3,500 lb. to 15,000 lb.

Our Impact Hammers

BS Impact Hammer

Black & Webster Electropunch

Applications: Assembly, Riveting, Marking, Staking, Swaging

Models: Model C, Model FJS, Model BS, Model SMS, Model JS

  • 3500-15000 lbs. Impact Force
  • Fully Electric Operated Unit Ideal for Light Taps to Heavy Impacts
  • Instantaneous Impact
  • The Model C and the Model FJS are mounted in a rugged cast iron frame
  • Model BS and SMS are mounted on a column in which daylight opening can be adjusted
  • 1.75″/2.0″ Overall Stroke
  • Two Hand Non-Tie Down Actuators or Footswitch with Safetyswitch Operation
  • Bench Type Units
Z6 Impact Hammer

Z Series Impact Hammers

Applications: Stamping, Forging, Coining, Riveting, Staking, Forming, Trimming

Models: 6 Ton Impact Hammer, 20 Ton Impact Hammer

  • 6 to 20 Tons of Impact Force
  • Utilizes Shop Air as a Clean and more Energy Efficient Power Source
  • Features an adjustable daylight or working height openning
  • Constant Stroke
  • 4″ Overall Stroke
  • Two-Hand Non-Tie Down Control Actuators
  • Available in Benchtop or Mounted Models

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