Bushing and Bearing Insertion

Bearings and Bushings Insertion in Manufacturing and Assembly

Bearings are mechanical components in an assembly that assist an objects’ rotation/motion by preventing direct contact between the parts moving in relation to each other. By adding a rolling-element between the metal parts, bearings assist with distributing the load weight, reducing friction and wear from constant movement, and positioning the moving parts to restrict movement to the correct motion.

Bushings are a solid type of bearing commonly used in machinery or assemblies with rotating or sliding shafts to improve efficiency and reduce friction between two surfaces – primarily one moving and one static part. They also act as a precision guide for diesets, cutting tools, and other devices that require precise alignment and location of cylindrical parts.

Types of Bearings & Bushings

There are many different types of bearings. We have presses that can install these components for many different assemblies and products across a range of industries. These are just a few of the broad categories of bearings that our presses work with.

Ball Bearing

Ball bearings are some of the most common types of bearings. These types of bearings are designed to reduce friction between parts using rolling balls between two carefully fitted pieces and the shaft. Ball bearings can handle radial or thrust loads, and they are used in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to consumer appliances, aerospace technology to manufacturing equipment and more. A few examples of ball bearings include deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, and thrust ball bearings.

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Roller Bearing

Roller Bearing

Roller bearings are similar to ball bearings, but they use cylindrical rolling pieces instead of round ones. In general, roller bearings can handle larger loads than ball bearings. These designs might include spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, and more. Since they can handle larger loads and are generally sturdier, roller bearings are often used in heavy-duty applications, like construction, mining, and agriculture equipment.


A plain bearing, also called a bushing, doesn’t contain any rolling elements. Instead, it uses a simple sleeve element around a shaft to allow for movement. In some cases, two carefully placed elements might move in tandem. Bushings are relatively simple and inexpensive, and they also allow for many different types of movement. Bushings can be found in many different types of equipment.


Safe, Efficient, Precise Bushing and Bearing Insertion

When installing bearings with a factory press, you need the right balance of power and precision. With too much force, the housing, shaft or bearings can chip, warp, or crack under pressure. The force must also be equally distributed, or the bearing won’t be installed properly. We understand the need for precise operation when it comes to bushing and bearing insertion. With a variety of press types and many different force ranges and configurations, we can help you find a press that makes this job safe and easy. Contact us if you’d like some assistance in finding the right press for your needs.

Bushing and Bearing Insertion with Factory Presses

For proper bushing and bearing installation, it’s critical to have the right equipment. If bushings or bearings aren’t mounted properly, these simple components can disrupt the function of the entire machine. However, it’s also important to mount or, when necessary, remove bushings and bearings safely and efficiently. Air Hydraulics Inc makes and customizes factory presses for bushing and bearing installation for many different applications and industries. Whether you are working with tough and durable components that are made to withstand great heat and force, small and precisely fitted components with very tight tolerances, or a combination of the two, we can help you find a press for the bushings or bearings you’re working with.

Check out this 2.5 Ton Air Over Oil Press custom designed for safe and efficient bearing installation.

C Series 2 5 Ton Air Over Oil Press

Find the Right Press for Bushings and Bearings

Bushing and bearing installation requires carefully applied force. If you’re interested in a factory press for bushing and bearing insertion, as well as a wide variety of other applications, we can help. Contact us to learn more about any pneumatic, hydraulic, or hydropneumatic press. With relatively small, mobile presses as well as larger presses with up to 50 tons tons of force, and everything in between, we can help you find a press that works perfectly for your factory and applications.

Interested in presses for bushing and bearing insertion?