Air Hydraulics has been delivering reliable pneumatic and hydraulic powered assembly equipment for over 75 years.

We specialize in understanding your manufacturing needs to tailor our solutions for your success.

Air Hydraulics is the leader in manufacturing and customizing reliable, quiet, safe, and low maintenance air and hydraulic powered factory equipment. We have a variety of different press models based on force, size, and features that would be great additions to any standard factory operation. If you’re in need of a unique configuration our custom design and engineering team would be happy to work with you to improve your assembly processes.

Quality Built, Production Ready Assembly Presses

Air Presses

Designed for years of trouble free use in a production environment. A low force air press is a great alternative to an arbor press or manual assembly operation.

Air Over Oil

Hydropneumatic air over oil presses give you the force of a hydraulic press with the reliability, safety, and low maintenance of a pneumatic press.


Our high-end hydraulic presses provide a solution for applications where shop air is not easily accessible or if you have specific application requirements that demand full hydraulic.

Force & Distance Monitoring Presses

Our monitoring and analysis technology tracks the force applied throughout the press stroke to give you the confidence and quality assurance that each part is assembled correctly.

Other Air Hydraulics Products

Our Most Popular Assembly Presses

Adjustable AP

A Series  Simple & Cost Effective

Our most popular adjustable pneumatic air press, capable of handling up to 5,000lbs of force. This press is designed for all day factory operations and comes standard with our two hand pneumatic safety controls.



The C Series is an air over oil press that has models capable of up to 15 tons of force. Air Hydraulics air over oil presses are cleaner, quieter, and are more cost effective than a hydraulic press.

15 Ton HiLo Press

AH Series  High Speed – High Force

The AH Series hydropneumatic presses have models ranging between 4-50 tons of force. These presses are excellent for applications that require high force with a minimal power stroke.

“We really love the new air press. It is a major improvement over the hand arbor presses. It seems very well built and the amount of adjustability makes it extremely versatile. It’s already taken over most of our small press forming. If we continue down the path we have been going with our business I could definitely see us having another in the future.”

Neil – MET Manufacturing

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