For over 70 years, Air-Hydraulics has been serving the assembly, metal joining and metalworking markets with quality built Hydraulic Presses, Pneumatic Presses, Indexing tables, Pneumatic and Electric Impacting Devices, Machine Guarding and Safety Devices, and Custom Machinery. Our objective is to offer our customers an affordable solution to their assembly, forming, and custom design application needs.

Our Products


Air-Hydraulic & Hydraulic Presses

Usage: Riveting, Crimping, Punching, Swaging, Trimming, Marking or Character Stamping, Assembly, Notching, Joining, Forming, and Fastening

A Series Press

Air Presses

Usage: Assembly, Riveting, Punching, Marking, Staking, etc.

Index Table

Rotary Index Tables

Usage: Feeding parts for drilling, tapping, light milling, etc.

Electropunch Model BS

Impact Hammers

Usage: Assembly, Riveting, Marking, Staking, Swaging, etc.


Safety Switches

Safety Switch Probe Sensing Device, Pinch Point Protection

AHI Intensifer B Series

Air over Hydraulic Intensifiers

Usage: Assembly, Bearing Insertion, Pressing, Insertion, Riveting, etc.

AH Series Index Table

Custom Assembly Presses

Usage: Assembly, Riveting, Marking, Staking, Swaging, etc.

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Choosing the Right Press

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