B Series Intensified Cylinder

Technical Summary

Air-Hydraulics Booster Systems Models: B-250, B-300, B-400 and B-500

Our B-Series Air-Hydraulic Booster System comes complete with a proprietary work cylinder and booster/intensifier. This system employs common shop air (60 to 100 psi), as the input or power source. The output is low-pressure hydraulics, which is commonly used to power its proprietary air over oil hydraulic work cylinder. This system can create forces up to 15 tons from the start of the stroke, continuing throughout the 6.00” plus stroke or path of the cylinder. The system is self-bleeding; in the unlikely event air may work its way into the closed hydraulic circuit. This system is NOT your typical fluid power intensifier! It gives full force throughout the entire stroke of the cylinder, unlike other in-line intensifier cylinders or other intensifiers.

This system is ideal for machine tool builders who need to use a hydraulic cylinder, but who don’t have the space or money to use a hydraulic power unit and electrical apparatus which must accompany the power unit. It’s ideal when one needs a smooth stroke and force that the hydraulic cylinder offers, but it avoids the troublesome specification requirements that are associated with hydraulic power systems. The system is pneumatically powered, which allows specifications to be more easily met. There is no contending with noisy motors, leaky hydraulic tanks or pumps, drip pans and heat issues with coolers. This quiet running system uses less energy than a hydraulic unit, only utilizing shop air when cycling. Additionally, there is no noise or air consumed when the system is sitting idle.

Selecting a size is easy with four intensifying system options: 2.5 ton, 5.5 ton, 10 ton, and 15 ton –all operating at 100 psi. Similar to the operation of pneumatics, one can adjust the force by turning a regulator knob, which can be located for easy accessibility. No more reaching into the power unit to adjust the relief valve. The stroke of the cylinder varies from 4” to 6”, depending on the system purchased. Additional stroke or shorter stroke work cylinders are available upon request.

Model # Description Force @100 psi
B-250  Intensifier System, 2.5 tons, 5.187″ Stroke, .500″ NPT ports  5,000 lbs.
B-300  Intensifier System, 5.5 tons, 6.0″ Stroke, .750″ NPT ports 11,000 lbs.
B-400  Intensifier System, 10 tons, 4.0″ Stroke, .750″ NPT ports 20,000 lbs.
B-500  Intensifier System, 15 tons, 6.0″ Stroke, 1.00″ NPT ports 30,000 lbs.


The complete system includes an easy-to-mount booster cylinder, a work cylinder with a double ended rod employing a 2” precision adjustable down stop, 4 ft. of flexible hydraulic and pneumatic hose, a hydraulics flow control valve to adjust the speed of the work cylinder and fittings. All are completely assembled and ready to install. One only needs an air preparation system, which includes a filter, regulator and lubricator (F-R-L), and an air directional spool valve, 2 or 3 position (if 3-position, it must be closed centered), 4/5 way, electric or pneumatic, with an adequate volume of air flow.

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