Black & Webster Electropunch

Power Pak & Impact Controllers

PowerPak Controller

Power Pak Controller

The Power Pak, optional with Electropunch models BS, JS, FJS, and SMS, not only provides 130% increase in power, but significantly improves consistency of power output. The Power Pak incorporates an impact control, which allows impact power to be adjusted from 0 to 8,000 lbs. (126 in. lbs.); Single stroke control feature is useful in marking applications to guard against the punch making a double impression.

Impact Controller

Impact Controller

Adjusts Electropunch impact from a few pounds up to rated maximum. Makes possible shifts from delicate jobs to heavy work by simply turning a dial. Consists of variable transformer with graduated dial which regulates solenoid voltage, this regulating impact. Simplifies returning to predetermined impact when changing jobs. Equipped with 3 wire cord, plug and receptacle, pilot lite, fuse and switch.

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