4 Ton to 50 Ton Hydra-Pneumatic Press

The AH-Series Hydra-Pneumatic Press, or sometimes referred to as an “air over oil” press, is an alternative solution to conventional hydraulics presses by providing a cleaner, quieter, and more cost effective solution to a wide variety of pressing and forming applications. This unit provide a rapid low force approach stroke with a self-contained hydraulic intensified power stroke all in one complete package.

You can purchase individual intensifier cylinders separately. For more information, visit: B-Series Intensifying Cylinder

Applications: Riveting, Crimping, Punching, Swaging, Trimming, Marking or Character Stamping, Assembly, Notching, Joining, Forming, and Fastening.

AH-Series Information

Hydra-Pneumatic Press Model Comparison

Force at 100 psi (lbs.)8,754 lbs.15,886 lbs.25,950 lbs.31,408 lbs.38,671 lbs.65,134 lbs.105,546 lbs.
Standard Daylight/ Throat Depth14.88″ / 6.25″14.50″ / 6.25″14.50″ / 6.25″14.50″ / 8.25″14.50″ / 8.25″14.50″ / 8.25″Consult Factory
Approach Force (lbs.) @ 100 psi829125619631963196328275026
Return Force (lbs.) @ 100 psi681110816491649164923374320
Overall Stroke6.0″ / 8.0″6.0″ / 8.0″6.0″ / 8.0″6.0″ / 8.0″6.0″ / 8.0″6.0″ / 8.0″6.0″ / 8.0″
Power Stroke.500″.500″.500″.500″.500″.500″.500″
Maximum Operating Speed1.5 Ft/sec.1.5 Ft/sec.1.5 Ft/sec.1.5 Ft/sec.1.5 Ft/sec.1.5 Ft/sec.1.5 Ft/sec.
Air Consumption Per Cycle.426 SCFM1.079 SCFM1.079 SCFM1.356 SCFM1.568 SCFM2.510 SCFM4.204 SCFM
Port (NPT).375″.375″.500″.500″.500″.750″.750″

Standard Features & Options

Standard Options

  • No Hydraulic Power Unit or Electric Motor Needed
  • 6.0” Overall Stroke Cylinder with .500” Hydraulic Intensified Power Stroke
  • High Pressure Port for Sensing
  • Heavy Duty C-Frame Construction
  • Removable Press Platen
  • Heavy Duty Designed Tie Rod Cylinder
  • Total Air/Oil Separation

Available Options

  • Matching Floor Stands
  • Two-Hand Non-Tie Down Control Packages
  • Pressure / Dwell / Distance Return Options
  • Jog Control Circuit
  • Fault Circuit Control Package (E-FI)
  • Increased Stroke Lengths
  • Press Frame Modifications
  • Anti-Rotation Ram Guide
  • Cylinders sold separately
  • Additional information on Control Packages

Custom Designed Options

  • Light Curtains & Guarding Packages
  • PLC Control Options
  • 4-Post and 2-Post Designs
  • Load Cell & Distance Monitoring Packages
  • Selectable Modes of Operation
  • Control Systems Designed for Future Expansion
  • Custom Tooling and Fixture Packages
  • Emergency Stop Control Circuit
  • 24vDC Control Circuit
  • Linear Position Transducer
  • Custom Control Packages

Note: Our objective is to offer you a solution to your assembly and forming needs. If our standard features or available options do not meet your application requirements, please consult our factory to see about us offering an affordable solution to meet your design needs.

AH-Series CAD Drawings

Press Information

3-D Coupler Drawings

AH-Series Videos

20 Ton Hydraulic Press Using Factory Supplied Air

AH-Series Photos

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