Move Up from Manual

If you currently rely on one or more manual arbor presses for your production, you may have been noticing these common issues occurring on your production floor:

Low worker enthusiasm, complaints, injuries or absenteeism
Slowed part production and delays
Low or inconsistent product quality

If this is true for your business, it is likely time for an equipment upgrade – one that can help address all three of the above issues, easily and affordably. We are talking about our A-series Adjustable Air Press, a simple pneumatic press that can perform jobs requiring up to 2.5 tons (1200 lb. to 5000 lb.) of force without requiring excessive repetitive action from your operators.

Complete 2.5 Ton Adjustable Air Press Packages are currently available for as low as $6,900.*

5-10 business day shipping

*Special pricing applies to a Model 50-A 2.5 Ton A-Series Adjustable with DP-1 Two-Hand Touch Pneumatic Controls. Additional options and features are available at added cost and delivery. Display model includes optional 2.0” downstop, not included in the offer price. Prices subject to change after 9/30/2023. 5-10 business day delivery contingent upon availability. 

A Series Press

Great for industrial manufacturing and assembly applications like press fit assembly, riveting, punching, marking, staking, crimping, forming, swaging and more.

Our A-Series Press comes in three sizes to fit various applications. Tell us about your project and we can recommend the best press for your needs.

  • Small Footprint
  • Benchtop Design
  • Full-range cylinder head adjustment
  • Anti-rotation ram guide
  • air cushions on both stroke ends
  • Dual Acting Air Cylinder
  • Easy Operation

Our A-Series Air Presses come in three sizes to fit force requirements for various applications and are fully adjustable to permit easy and accurate die settings and proper stroke length across various jobs.

Request an A-Series Pricing Quote

Tell us a bit about your application needs and press requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

Standard daylight for model 12-A is 7.5" and 10" for models 28-A and 50-A, with options available in 1 inch increments.