2.5 Ton C-Series Air over Oil Assembly Press Designed with Custom Jog Circuit

C Series 2 5 Ton Air Over Oil Press

Case ID: 12604
Application Use: This press was ordered to replace a manually activated 2-post hydraulic press for bearing insertion.

Requirement: The customer had a safety concern with their existing press and wanted an Air Hydraulics press equipped with a two-hand control safety device.
Solution: This press was outfitted with a 3-position “Jog” circuit, which allows the operator the ability to stop the ram at any position in the downstroke by removing their hands from the finger switches. The ram will stop movement without returning to the home position. The operator continues the stroke by simply reactivating the finger switches or returns the ram to the home position via the yellow return button.

Air Hydraulics “Jog” Circuits also come equipped with a pressure initiated timer delay ram return circuit.  

An adjustable pressure switch reading the hydraulic pressure in the front cylinder initiates a dwell timer located in the electrical enclosure. Once the hydraulic pressure in the ram cylinder reaches the trip point in the pressure switch, a signal is sent to start an adjustable timer.  Once the accumulated value in the timer reaches the preset value, the timer sends the signal to return the ram to the home position.

Press Model C-Series 2.5-Ton Air Over Oil Press
Application Assembly – Bearing/seal insertion
Press Features
  • 120vac Electrical Control
  • Two-Hand Control Device (non-tiedown)
  • 3 Position Valve
  • Pressure Initiated Timer Delay (Dwell) Ram Return
  • Custom “Safety Blue” Paint
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