2 1/2 Ton to 15 Ton Compact Hydraulic Press

The Model SH-250 Hydraulic Press is a mid-range, compact, high speed, hydraulic press designed to satisfy a wide range of production needs. This press package comes standard with a 240V/480V, 3 phase, self-contained hydraulic power unit and an air/oil heat exchanger for those high duty production applications.

Applications: Bushing/Bearing Insertion, Stud Insertion, Broaching, Swaging, Trimming, Assembly, Notching, Joining, Forming, and Fastening

SH-Series Information

SH-Series Compact Hydraulic Press Model Comparison

DescriptionModel SH-250 2.5 Ton Hydraulic PressModel SH-300/400 5 to 10 Ton Hydraulic PressModel SH-500 15 Ton Hydraulic Press
Force Range2,000 lbs. – 5,000 lbs.3,500 lbs. – 20,000 lbs.7,400 lbs. – 30,000 lbs.
Stroke (Standard)6″6″6″
Cylinder Bore3.25″4″5″
Ram Diameter1.375″2.000″3.000″
Reservoir Capacity16 Gallons23 Gallons25 Gallons
Motor H.P.3 HP / 1,800 RPM / 3 phase / TEFC5 HP / 1,800 RPM / 3 phase / TEFC5 HP / 1,800 RPM / 3 phase / TEFC
Daylight (Standard)12″14.50″16″
Throat (Standard)6.25″6.25″8.25″
Approximate Weight700 lbs.1,100 lbs.1,700 lbs.
Floor Stand Weight205 lbs.205 lbs.405 lbs.
Ram Speed I.P.M.
Operating Pressure (P.S.I.)

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • “Opto-Touch” Control Buttons, Non-Tie Down Control Circuit
  • Rapid Ram Advance Using a Hi-Lo System
  • Anti-Rotation Ram Guide
  • 240V/480V, 3 Phase, Self-Contained Power Unit with Heat Exchanger
  • Oil Level Gauge
  • Nema Enclosure
  • 120V Control Voltage

Available Options

  • Matching Floor Stands
  • Pressure / Dwell / Distance Return Options
  • Adjustable Downstop
  • Jog Control Circuit
  • Fault Circuit Control Package (E-FI)
  • Increased Stroke Lengths
  • Press Frame Modifications
  • Other Voltage Options
  • Additional information on Control Packages

Custom Designed Options

  • Light Curtains & Guarding Packages
  • PLC Control Options
  • 4-Post and 2-Post Designs
  • Load Cell & Distance Monitoring Packages
  • Selectable Modes of Operation
  • Control Systems Designed for Future Expansion
  • Custom Tooling and Fixture Packages
  • Emergency Stop Control Circuit
  • 24vDC Control Circuit
  • Linear Position Transducer
  • Custom Control Packages

Note: Our objective is to offer you a solution to your assembly and forming needs. If our standard features or available options do not meet your application requirements, please consult our factory to see about us offering an affordable solution to meet your design needs.

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