10-Ton Hydraulic Press with Special Electric Dual Opto-Touch Control Package

Application Details: Multi-Stage Fastener Pressing Application

Requirement: Ability to control the pressing force in the first operation of the fastener assembly and then control pressing distance on the final operation of the fastener assembly.
Solution: Outfit the press with a special Electric Dual Opto-Touch Control Package, Jog Control Circuit and Selectable Pressure/Distance Ram Return alongside a Custom Designed Guarding & Light Curtain Package.
Press Model Special 10 Ton SH300/400 Hydraulic Press
Application Joining: Multi-Stage Fastener Pressing
Press Features
  • Self-contained hydraulic power unit w/ Air-over-oil heat exchanger
  • Force range of 3,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.
  • Press Mode Selector Switch (pressure/distance return mode)
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor to initiate cylinder rod return (adjustable) – with adjustable timer
  • Adjustable proximity switch to initiate cylinder rod return (adjustable)
  • Emergency Stop
  • Manual retract (home position) button
  • Digital Cycle Counter with manual reset for daily production reporting
  • Custom Designed Steel Machine Base
  • Custom Designed Removeable Platen for interchangeable tooling
  • Custom Designed Guarding & Light Curtain Package
  • Quick Change Alignment Coupler set to attach customer die set to the press cylinder rod and to help prevent side load to the press cylinder.
  • Set complete with one (1) CA2-4 ram adapter and one (1) QCR-2 quick change die ring.
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