Force & Distance Monitoring Presses

A solution for today’s continual demand for quality assurance can be met with our line of Press Monitoring Packages which enable the assembly process to be monitored by press force over distanced within your specific application parameters. These values are displayed and saved in a true signature waveform analysis. Our line of Sig-Series Air over Oil Presses offers this package in one complete integrated and affordable Assembly Press Monitoring System to meet your quality assurance requirements.

Force & Distance Monitoring Press (Signature Analysis)

  • 2.5 Tons to 15 Tons of hydraulic force using factory supplied air
  • A complete waveform assembly process monitoring press package (Force vs. Distance Monitoring)
  • Fully integrated with our proven designed and cost efficient C-Series Air over Oil Press
  • Easily configured (10.4″) touch screen menu guide takes you through the set-up process for fast and low cost implementation
  • No external computer or on-site installation needed
  • Delivers “real-time” pass/fail feedback, waveform curves, histograms, tends, and part history
  • Seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing and/or quality process with 10/100 Ethernet, (2) USB ports, (1) RS232 serial port, and (1) SVGA external monitor connector (other industrial networks available)
  • Windows embedded operating system with 60GB internal hard drive
  • Verify and assure the quality control of your assembly process

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