5.5 Ton C-300 Air-Hydraulics Press with Guided Die Set for Mold Ejection

Application Details: Life Science Filtration Element

Requirement: Provide a more efficient solution to eject the filtration elements from their mold cavity.
Solution: A 5.5 ton air over oil press, custom designed with manual slide fixture, a polyoxymethylene nesting fixture, and a guided die set to engage and separate the filtration element from the cavity with one press stroke.
Press Model 5.5 Ton C-Series Air Over Oil Press
Application Part Separation / Press Out / Mold Ejection
Press Features
  • 5.5 ton air over oil press with full length power stroke
  • Positive stroke adjustment
  • Electric two-hand non tie down actuators
  • Press barrier guarding around the working area – front remains open for loading and unloading
  • Custom design slide fixture with 2-post ball bearing guided “press out” tooling
  • Fixture In Position Indicator / Press Enable Logic
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