Rotary Indexing Tables


Index Table

These rugged, low profile pneumatic indexing tables are the perfect fit for your next assembly or machining project. The “shot pin” locking mechanism assures a positive and accurate locking position, while the index cylinder delivers a smooth and controlled indexing motion. All these benefits without the use of electric motors or controllers.

7″ to 15″ Indexing Tables with load capacities of 100 lb. to 600 lb. with optional components.

Index Table Animation

Sequence of Operation:

  1. The directional control valve is shifted by the pilot or solenoid signal. This causes the locking cylinder to retract, unlocking the table. Note: The signal to the solenoid or pilot must be maintained until the table top has completed its movement.
  2. With the locking cylinder of the index ring, the index cylinder retracts, moving the index arm which in turn rotates the table top.
  3. After the index cylinder is fully retracted, the directional control valve is shifted back. This forces the locking cylinder forward and locks the table into position. When the locking cylinder locks the table into place, it pushes the index pawl out of the index ring.
  4. With the index pawl clear of the index ring, the index cylinder moves forward until it hist the stop rod. When the stop rod is adjusted properly, the index pawl is spring activated into the next slot on the index ring and the index cycle is complete.
  5. The index table is now ready for the next index cycle.

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