Custom Designed 2.5 Ton C-250 Air Over Oil Press

Application Details: Automotive Seal Insertion Press

Requirement: Provide a more efficient solution for the installation of metal encased seals into light truck wheel hub assemblies.
Solution: A 2.5 ton air over oil press with an end of ram gas spring pressing tool, roller conveyor fixture with air cylinder guided part alignment, designed to provide controlled press insertion. Press was equipped with an interlocked counterbalance door, a light curtain guarded entrance and exit, as well as two-hand safety operation with PLC controls.
Press Model 2.5 Ton C-Series Air Over Oil Press
Application Assembly – Insertion
Press Features
  • 2.5 ton air over oil press with full length power stroke
  • Positive stroke adjustment
  • Electric two-hand anti-tie down actuators
  • Press barrier guarding with light curtains guarding the entrance & exit
  • Interlocked Counterbalanced Door guards the front working area
  • Custom designed floating conveyor with seal insertion press tooling
  • Illuminated indicator to verify wheel hub is in position
  • Machine Status Stack Light
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controls
  • UL Machine Inspection
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