2.5 Ton Industrial Sheet Piercing Press

Application Use: Multiple step sheet metal piercing

Requirement: A customer who needed to automate processes to puncture sheet metal multiple times for each unique part.
Solution: The press was integrated with an adjustable digital cycle counter. The operator would select a preset value on the counter and then activate the press. The press would cycle through operations according to the preset amount and the digital counter would then send an output signal once the total press cycles were achieved.
Press Model C-250 2.5 Ton Air Over Oil Press
Application Shearing – Piercing / Puncture
Press Features
  • 4-Post Die Set
  • Remote Pilot Operated Check Valve
  • Die Set
  • PLC Control
  • Light Curtain/Emergency Stop Circuit
  • Barrier Guarding
  • Dial Indicator to Measure Depth/Distance of Press
  • Mechanical Stroke Limiter to control depth repeatability
  • Automatic Mode with Cycle Counter
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