An ALL-IN-ONE 10 Ton Press for Series of Operations

Application Use: Drive Shaft Assemblies

Requirement: This press needed to be built and configured to perform 10 unique pressing operations to build out 10 different subassemblies.
Solution: The custom programmed Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows the operator to control each process digitally, with a graphical representation of the set of operations to be conducted.

Other custom modifications: This press was custom painted, included a custom frame to increase the daylight/throat depth, and also outfitted with an electrical enclosure, mounted to the press frame.  This press also came equipped with a gooseneck machine light to illuminate the platen working area.

Press Model 10 Ton SIG-400 Force & Distance Monitoring Air Over Oil Press
Application Assembly
Press Features
  • Linear Position Transducer
  • Rod-End Loadcell
  • Sciemetric SIGPOD Device
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Control
  • Manual Sliding Platen
  • Custom End of Ram Tooling Drivers w/ Quick Change Device
  • Custom Programmed HMI
  • SIGPOD Force & Distance Monitor (pass/fail)
  • Platen Illumination Device
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