Affordable Press Monitoring for Quality Control

C Series Force Monitor

Life Fitness needed the technology usually offered by Air-Hydraulic’s Signature Analysis Press. However, this technology did not fit into their allowed budget for the project. Current owners of Air-Hydraulics Presses, Life Fitness again turned to Air-Hydraulics to find a press to fit their requirements and investment needs.

Life Fitness explained their current issue. “We are an assembly factory,” said Robert Langenfeld, the senior manufacturing engineer, “We needed it [an assembly press] to perform pressing operation on sub-assemblies such as the bearing and hub assemblies, and bearing and pulley assemblies. We need to verify that these assemblies are correctly pressed together with the proper pressure to assure product quality.”

Knowing that Life Fitness requirements did not require linear monitoring, but did require precise force monitoring, Air-Hydraulics designed and provided a press package to meet both the technical and financial needs suited for Life Fitness.

This affordable solution provided Life Fitness with a standard 10 ton Model C-400 Air-Hydraulics Press with EDP-1 Control Package and three modes of operation consisting of TQM-700 Digital Press Force Monitoring Mode / E-FI Fault Circuit “Short Cycle” Mode / Normal Cycle Model (no monitoring or indicating).

“In both purchase and performance, the Air-Hydraulics Model C-400 Press certainly meets my expectations,” Langenfeld stated. “It is suitable for the application, and in one respect, actually exceeded my expectations since it comes with three operating modes instead of two. I am not sure if we will use all three, but it is good to have the added flexibility if we need it.”

According to Langenfeld, the new press was delivered in a timely fashion and installed on schedule, according to his expectations. Satisfied with the quality products and service, Langenfeld recommends Air-Hydraulics and their assistance in your next assembly project.

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