2.5 Ton Force & Distance Monitoring Press Configured for Error-Proof Assembly

2 5 Ton SIG Series

Application Use: This press was designed with a custom tooling package to assemble three spring pins into a plate at three different locations.

Requirement: It was of extreme importance that these pins were inserted perfectly at each step.
Solution: A Cognex Insight Vision Sensor was installed and programmed for automated error detection to ensure accuracy of the pin insertion process.

The Cognex camera takes a picture of the pin to confirm it has been inserted correctly prior to engaging the press each time. If a pin is inserted with the wrong orientation, the monitor senses the error and the machine is disabled until the issue is corrected and the press is reset.

Press Model 2.5 Ton SIG Series Force & Distance Monitoring Press
Application Assembly – Pin Insertion with Manual Indexing
Press Features
  • 2 ½ Ton Air Over Oil Press
  • Force & Distance Monitoring
  • Allen-Bradley PLC X Control System
  • Designed to press a spring pin into a plate
  • Manual Indexer
  • Cognex Insight Vision Sensor
  • Custom Machine Base
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