Refurbished for Repurpose – 8 Older machines given new life in a new age!

We recently had a customer contact us who has been using our presses for years to perform various assembly processes. It was time for an upgrade on some of their older equipment and they wanted to discuss options.


Requirement: Needed to update a whole set of machinery to bring their operations up to speed with current day standards and regulations. Several of their machines were outdated in terms of safety features, controls and other functional elements but they needed to fit the machine upgrades into their current budget and buying was not an option.
Solution: Considering their budget, we offered them the solution of sending 8 of their existing older Air-Hydraulics presses back to our facility for a complete refurbishment with upgrades. The work included full, detailed cleaning and testing of all 8 machines, rebuilding of cylinders, new paint jobs, and installation of all new and updated controls.
This repurpose project provided them over $80K in savings as opposed to buying complete new presses. 

The older C-Series press shown here was one of the refurbished units with rebuilt cylinders, new PLC controls, remote mounted electrical enclosure, new two-hand safety controls with Emergency Stop Circuit, and selectable run/set-up mode of operation.

Press Models 5.5 Ton C-300 Air Over Oil
10 Ton C-400 Air Over Oil
Standard presses and some designed with custom daylight and throat dimensions.
Features Refurbished
  • Detailed Cleaning/Teardown of old press
  • Rebuild cylinders
  • New paint job
  • Install and program PLC controls
  • Install new up to date safety features and custom circuits
  • Install remote mounted electrical enclosures
  • Full testing to ensure working like new
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